Birthright Israel – FREE TRIPS TO ISRAEL with Cincinnati Hillel!

Cincinnati Hillel works with Shorashim, an exciting trip organizer that offers participants the opportunity to share their experience with Israeli soldiers their age for the ENTIRE 10 day trip!

Now more people are eligible for Birthright Israel than ever before! 

If you attended a peer organized trip in high school (before turning 18) you are still eligible to participate!

Summer Registration will open on February 6th, but you can pre-register TODAY!

Sign up HERE for updates from Shorashim!

Email if you are eligible and interested!

Photos from our winter trip can be seen HERE

Photos from our summer trip can be seen HERE

Registration Details: 
Pre-register Today! HERE
Winter 2016-17 registration will open Monday, February 6th.
On the trip request form, choose Shorashim as your trip organizer, and for the “which trip” option: Cincinnati Hillel (18-22) (if you prefer another month, or are a graduate student, you have that option as well and can contact Rotem for assistance!)
For now, join the Shorashim mailing list to make sure you don’t miss any important deadlines! HERE

Registration Instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Register Now”
  3. Click Proceed to Application
  4. Click Proceed to Application again
  5. Put in email and create a password under new applicant (or use the SAME email and password if you have attempted to register for a previous trip).
  6. Fill out page, then at the bottom of the page, choose Shorashim as the trip provider. This will complete part 1.
    • In section 1, you are asked for your passport information. If you currently do not have your passport on you or if you have not received one yet, you may skip the passport info. You will need to have a valid passport to go on the trip, but do not need one at this stage in the signing up process. If your passport is not valid for 6 months after arriving in Israel, please apply for a new one immediately!
  7. Completed sections 2-8:
    • In section 5, make sure to choose Select this to confirm that Shorashim is the Trip Organizer you wish to go with. After hitting Submit, you will be asked to choose a trip selection. Make sure to choose “Cincinnati Hillel – (18-22).  Note: there are options for registrants ages 18-22 and 22-26. There are also options based on date preference. Make sure you choose Shorashim, and then select from your preference.
    • Section 7 can only be completed once you have completed sections 1-6. This section is where you submit your $250 deposit (there is a nonrefundable $10 processing fee if you pay by credit card). The deposit is fully refundable. Without submitting your deposit, you cannot be assigned a flight! Please submit it ASAP!
  8. You will receive an email asking you to verify your email address. Please do so.
  9. You will receive a secondary application from Shorashim.
    1. Fill out medical and emergency contact information
    2.  Choose more specific trip dates and make friend requests in the “date and friendship request section”
    3. Upload a copy of your passport
    4. Call Shorashim for a short interview. 312-267-0677
Questions? Excited? Call or email Rotem – (513) 502-8356
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